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Willow and hen site logo 2I can’t afford to use an Interior Designer. This is something I hear all the time and I’ll admit I have tried calling myself an Interior Stylist, Interior Consultant to get away from the stigma that Interior Design is expensive but have come to the conclusion that I have just got to get my message out there.

Let me let you into a little secret (Shh) Interior Design does not have to be expensive and can actually save you money in the long run.

How many times have you started a project popped to the local DIY shop picked up some paint sample pots only to find you don’t like any of them and now you have a wall covered in different paint splodges (just a tip put the paint samples onto plain white paper and stick to the wall with masking tape).


You have bought that sofa on offer at your local store, you’ve measured the space and it will fit no problem, delivery day arrives and the sofa is now taking pride of place in your sitting room but the door into the sitting room no longer opens fully or the patio doors are no longer accessible or you simply cannot move around the piece of furniture.


Interior Design or No Design

All these things could have been avoided if you had consulted an Interior Designer.

How do I work?

Firstly, I will have an initial call with you over zoom so that we can discuss your project and you can get to know me and my style of design.  We will discuss your lifestyle, how you use the room and your budget (no project is too small).  I will then send you a quote for preparing a mood board with suggested suppliers and a separate price if you want me to prepare a detailed floor plan.

If you decide to go ahead I will either visit you at home and we can discuss the project further face to face or we can do this via zoom.  I will go away and create a mood board together with supplier lists which will be sent over to you via email and also a hard copy with fabric samples sent in the post.  If you want to tweak my initial design we can do this once with no extra cost.

So what do I do differently?

I design spaces for you, your family and how you live.

I will not impose my lifestyle onto you and I do not create show homes.   I will recommend suppliers who fit your budget, I use B&Q Valspar paint a lot in my designs and they are great at matching brands like Farrow and Ball.

I can help on a project as much as you want me too and will be upfront about my costs from day one, let’s get the message out there it does not have to be expensive to use an Interior Designer and it could save you wasted time and money.

My lifestyle includes my dog Bertie and chicken Hetty – don’t worry my designs do not come complete with a chicken.

interior design or no designinterior design or no design

Sue x



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