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Bridging the gap between interior design and no design.

“I am very much about creating a home for you, I make interior design suggestions based on your tastes and what you are looking to accomplish in your home. I don’t do impersonal show houses, I design homes that wrap around you and give you a great big hug!

My style is very country rustic, country chic. It’s all about bringing the outside in. Using as many natural materials as I can and just giving you that real hug in your home. So that when you walk through the door, you can chuck off your shoes, whip off your bra and it’s like I am home, I am safe, I’m in my environment and it just feels good.”

Sue x

interior design
interior design
interior design

Interior Design is...

…about creating a space for you, your lifestyle and your budget.

Interior design from Willow and Hen encompasses every aspect of home styling. From advising you how to get the most out of your rooms, the space, the furniture and lighting you have already, all the way through to countryfying a barn conversion or even completely re-styling your entire home. We welcome enquiries for small, one off projects as well as complete home projects.

We work at your pace allowing  you to cherry pick from a wide range of interior design service options. For instance we can produce mood boards, design room plans, suggest practical solutions based upon your lifestyle, source reputable, high quality suppliers and we can even accompany you on shopping trips.

Our interior design service starts with a complimentary 15 minute video call, to make sure we are the right fit for each other.

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A Home to suit your lifestyle

Sometimes there is a mismatch between our lifestyle and our home. This is quite common, as when we journey through our lives, our families grow, children fly the nest, hobbies and interests change or are added, but our home tends to stay the same. With our interior design service we take a look at how you use your home, what you need from it and find innovative and stylish ways of making your home work in harmony with your lifestyle.

A recent interior design enquiry we received was during lockdown, a little challenging but we got around the restrictions by chatting over Zoom. The lady had bought a lot of Willow and Hen products, but she didn’t know how to place them in her home. She had bought a gorgeous candle holder and sent in a picture of her fireplace. Sue suggested the lady moved the candle holder from the mantle onto the fireplace, asked her to shuffle a few other pieces around and said to bring everything forward and closer together. The lady did all as Sue suggested and her response was: “OMG I can’t believe the difference that has made.” After these small, but super effective adjustments we arranged a Zoom call and Sue went all around her home virtually and made interior design suggestions for the whole house.

One particular issue this client faced was a lack of storage. Like the majority of us, her guest room tended to be used as a bit of a dumping ground. So Sue went through the  room and re-designed it, utilising the existing furniture but adding some clever storage solutions. One of Sue’s suggestions was to use trunks as bedside tables, these look very country chic and can be used to store books in. Now, the guest room looks great and is ready to welcome visitors, it also houses treasured books and has lots of practical but stylish storage. A real dual use room!

If you are having an issue with balancing your home’s design and practical lifestyle requirements then get in touch with Willow and Hen!

Interior Design Packages


We always offer a free 15 minute initial consultation, just to make sure we are the right fit for each other. The next step is to take a detailed brief and/or to survey your home. £175 per half day pro-rata.

Mood Board

Create a mood board which will include fabrics, wall coverings, flooring and furniture with samples where appropriate, together with a list of recommended suppliers. £125 per room.

Space Plan

Create a detailed space plan from agreed mood board design. £125 per room.

Style For Sale

Styling your home for the sales market – home survey, producing a report for you to implement. This depends on the size of the house but prices start at £150.00 for a 2 bedroom property.

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Styling a barn conversion

One client we worked with in early 2020, had seen that Sue had styled her barn conversion and so they were very interested in working with Willow and Hen, because they wanted the same sort of vibe in their new home. The couple had bought a barn conversion moving from a modern, two bed terraced house in a large bustling town, to a beautiful 4 bedroom barn conversion in the country.

The issue they had was the size of their new home was so much bigger than their previous home and they were a bit stuck on how best to utilise the space for their lifestyle. Because they had increased the size of their home, they didn’t have enough furniture and the furniture they did have, they had placed down one end of the main living area. So they had a vast, empty space, and they just didn’t know what to do with it. They were absolutely lost.

Sue designed some mood boards for them, showing them different, country style, interior design suggestions. Sue helped them to pick out furniture and she was about to accompany them on a shopping trip when Covid struck. Sue says: “I really enjoyed working on this project, it can be incredibly difficult when you change the style of your home so drastically. Sometimes, it helps to have an outsider give a completely fresh perspective.”

If you want to create a country chic vibe for your home then get in touch with Sue!

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Styling your home to sell

Styling your home to sell it takes a huge emotional/mental gear change. This property has been your home and quite rightly you will be emotionally attached to it. When you want to sell your property you have to try to remove those emotions and almost depersonalise the property so you give your potential buyers a blank canvas so they can imagine their belongings and themselves at home in it.

Sue has advised on and re-styled many properties over the years, including a fair few of her own. Twice she has placed a property on the market and sold it within 48 hours for the full asking price.

Sue says: “If you are trying to sell your house you’ve got to treat it as a business. As soon as you put your house on the market you’ve got to try and emotionally detach yourself from the house which I know is not always easy, and think of it as a business. When I style a property for sale, I focus on key features and look to create an environment to encourage potential buyers to see that they can move straight in and make the place their home.”

If you need help styling your property for sale, then get in touch with Sue!

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