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Do you know, I have had real trouble writing the content for this part of the website? Not because of a lack of confidence, but more about articulating what this element of Willow and Hen is all about. I want to help others that have faced or are facing similar life-milestones, inspire them to throw off certain society-based perceptions of how things should be and to encourage them to do their own thing! Now if that isn’t ambiguous, I don’t know what is!


Perhaps this would flow better if I shared a bit about me, when I got divorced at 50, a few people around me were like: “your life is over, you’ve just got to do this, you can’t do that and you can’t do the other” and my response is a resounding NO! My life, your life is not over, you can go travelling (I’ve been travelling on my own and thoroughly enjoyed it), you can start a business (I did!), you can do whatever it is you want to – your life is not over! So, the lifestyle part of Willow and Hen is very much about inspiring people to just go out there and enjoy and live their life how they want to live it, not how other people want you to live it.

Hug your home and hug your life

The stock in the Willow and Hen shop is carefully selected by me based on the feelings they generate, products that give you that feel good feeling, pieces that make a house feel like a home and personal products chosen for their luxurious feel (we are worth it!) or the comfort that they provide (you must try the Alpaca socks!).

The Lifestyle section is about being real, warts and all embracing your grey hair, if you want to let your hair go grey, go grey! If you want to go pink, go pink! If you’re going through the menopause then let’s do it all together, real thoughts and feelings. Life isn’t over because we are going into the menopause, it’s about embracing what is going with you at the moment. This is not permanent; it’s how you feel about you and your body and your life that matters more than anything. And sometimes just knowing that, hey, it is not just you, it’s everybody else too, helps enormously.

I recently had a chat with a lady who is about 47, and we had a good chat about menopause because she said she was absolutely dreading it. And I said, “but why?” And she said, that from what she could tell, you put on loads of weight, you can’t sleep and your sex life goes down the tube. And I said, “hold on a minute, we all go through this differently and it is how you manage it.” When I first went through it, I thought I can do this naturally because I don’t even take paracetamol, I have to be really ill before I take anything. But with the menopause I got to the stage where I couldn’t do it naturally, I tried everything, even acupuncture, but it didn’t work, so in the end I had to go on HRT. Am I beating myself up over it? No! I’m on HRT but I am living my life. I wouldn’t have been able to write this if I hadn’t gone onto HRT. It’s a balance, some people can do it naturally, others need HRT. I have got some friends who don’t even realise they are going through it and they are not doing anything at all. One thing I do know that helps is talking to others about your experiences and hearing what works for them. And that is exactly what we do in the Hub.


Willow and Hen Lifestyle

The Willow and Hen Lifestyle Hub is about sharing tips and advice around issues like the menopause, but also about sharing a few our lifestyle tips like exercise and nutrition and about having a balance (have that glass of Gin!). From this desire to share experiences and inspire like-minded people the Willow and Hen Hub our Facebook Group was born. In the Hub there is a whole world of topics, often from guest speakers, topics like intermittent fasting, nutrition, menopause, lifestyle choices (and remembering we still have the choice), fashion, travel, the whole lot. In the Hub I also like to bounce ideas around and get feedback on potential products and I have been known to pop in an exclusive flash sale in or two! If this sounds like your kind of thing, why not join us?!?!

See you in the Hub!

Sue x

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