Top Tips For Staging Your Home For Sale

Now Estate Agents have been released from lockdown and the housing market is beginning to take off again how can you make your home stand out from the crowd.

It is all about knowing who your prospective buyer is and selling them a lifestyle.

Here are my top tips for staging your home for sale:

Top Tips For Staging Your Home For SaleKerb appeal – this is the first view a prospective buyer will have of your property and it is highly likely they will have had a drive pass prior to booking an appointment to view.   If you don’t grab their interest straight away they are unlikely to want to come inside.   Make sure the front of the property is tidy, no bins, no overgrown gardens, no unsightly projects on the front drive.   Give the front door a coat of paint or varnish, put some pots of flowers by the front door to make it inviting.

On the day of viewing – always get the estate agent to do the viewing and leave the property whilst the viewing takes place, prospective buyers will feel more comfortable being shown around by the estate agent than you.

You have 3 minutes to make a good impression, if you have parking available at your property ensure they can park their car by removing yours.

When they walk through the front door it is all about what they see, smell, hear and the emotions these things evoke. If you do not make a good impression now then it is so much harder to come back from these negative thoughts once inside the property. Have a good look round your entrance hall, can people walk in with no obstacles?

Designated Rooms

If you have designated a room on the estate agent details, for example a dining room, then this is what they should see when they view the property. If you also use the dining room as an office or children’s playroom ensure that all paperwork is hidden and toys are placed neatly in the corner. Again if you have a 3 bedroom house and use the 3rd bedroom as an office/store put a bed in it for viewings – the people buying your house will probably be moving up the housing chain and looking for an extra bedroom don’t make them guess what the room could look like.

Top Tips For Staging Your Home For SaleDepersonalise the spaces as much as you can, I appreciate you are still living in the property but a wall of family photos will not help the prospective buyers see themselves living there.

Remove anything too personal from bathroom and bedrooms again you want the prospective buyer to view themselves living there not you.

Remove pets from the house (if possible) and anything relating to that pet – you may love your dog and cat but others may be allergic, frightened or just not like animals and don’t forget you may not be able to smell your animals but a non animal lover may, so use room sprays (nothing too overpowering).

If you would like some more tips on how to dress your house for sale please do not hesitate to contact me and we can arrange a zoom call.

I have sold all my properties within 48 hours of putting them on the market for near asking price because I style them to appeal to my prospective buyer. This final picture is a property I sold 2 years ago I must admit its kerb appeal was not fantastic but once through the front door it had a wow factor!

Top Tips For Staging Your Home For Sale

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