You Do You And I'll Do Me

I love this quote and one that deeply resonates, everybody seems to have an opinion about everything at the moment and this happened to me last week.

I’ve decided to let my hair grow out to it’s natural colour.

There I’ve said it loud and clear to the world at large, no more monthly trips to the hairdressers to sit in a chair for 2 hours to get my hair coloured.

If you had said this to me in February prior to lockdown I would have laughed out loud, I have been dying my hair since I was 15 and knew it was grey but I had no intention of ever letting a grey hair be seen.

5 months later and not being able to go to a hairdressers my natural colour is coming through and I actually like it, to be fair it seems to be a mixture of grey and white so it is not jarring with my current blonde, if I had been a darker colour I might not have made this decision and who knows I might change my mind in a couple of months.

So where am I going with this blog, it is all about how we feel about our appearance and body image, I am perfectly comfortable in my own skin and although I turn 57 in February 2021 I am embracing how I look and how I feel.

Prior to lockdown I was having botox just above my upper lip why?  Because a so called friend had commented a few years ago that I looked like I had been a heavy smoker with all the fine lines above my lip. At the time this severely dented my self confidence so I have been having botox to hide the lines, I have now found a retinol cream that is having a similar effect so no more botox.

I am in no way anti anybody having botox, facelifts or anything if that is what they want, who knows I may chose to have something done in the near future. My point is is that we should do what we feel is right for us and not let somebody elses judgement influence us.

You Do You And I’ll Do Me

A family member has a very strong opinion regarding me and my image a conversation we had at the weekend went along the lines of :

When are you having your hair coloured?

Me:   I’m not

When are you having your eyelashes done?

Me:  Probably not until I go on holiday next year

When are you having botox done again on your lip?

Me:   I’m not I’m going down a different route

Oh so you are letting yourself go then?

I won’t tell you my reply to that!

Let’s not judge other people and what they want to do with their appearance or life ‘You do You and I’ll do me’


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