Your Home Your Safe Space

Not what I thought I would be writing in April 2020 but here we are and hopefully your are all staying safe.

I’ve put together a few tips of what you can do now to give you that feeling of being safe, protected and cosy whilst spending so much time inside your home.

Your Home Your Safe Space

Your Home Your Safe SpaceSurround yourselves with the things you love, you might think that’s obvious but have a good look round you, what do you see? Do they evoke happy memories, good emotions the feel good factor.  Pictures and photographs are great for bringing back good memories, maybe have a search around in the attic or shed for old photographs we have so many on our phones that we don’t actually put them on show any more. This is one of my favourites, sadly I lost this old boy last week but this photo brings back so many happy memories.

Candles. Always my favourite they give off the most amazing scents and again can evoke good memories, I’m a firm believer that the scent you are drawn to is indicative of your mood. At the moment I have the St Eval Bay and Rosemary burning, not only do I love the scent but the flicker of the flame makes this corner of the room feel extremely cosy at night.

Your Home Your Safe SpaceBring the Outside In

It is a well known fact that getting out in nature is good for the mood, so why not bring the outside in. On your daily walk do a bit of foraging in the hedgerow or if you have a garden grab some greenery and put it in a vase. Cow Parsley is just appearing in the grass verges and is a real favourite of mine, just add a bit more greenery and instantly the outside is inside.

Move It Around

Don’t be afraid to spend some time swapping things around in the house, it is quite easy to put something somewhere and forget about it. Have a play and move stuff around either in the same room or move it to somewhere completely different, not only could it look amazing but will give a completely different feel to a room.  It doesn’t have to be furniture (although I am a big fan of moving the odd bit of furniture around) move pictures, ornaments, cushions, throws you will be surprised what a transformation this can be. I spent a few hours faffing with the items on the fireplace the other afternoon and it now works for Spring/Summer.

I hope you have found the above article: Your Home Your Safe Space – useful but if you would like any further help please do not hesitate to contact me, the online shop is open and I’m currently sending out parcels on Tuesdays I’m also doing interior styling via Zoom.

Take care

Sue x


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